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Album: Minimalism
Label: Spat!

"...this is a well-structured musical collage of exotic, lightly industrialized sounds with hypnotic soul-stirring flourishes of eastern mysticism!... a shamanistic band of gothic electronic minstrels... in a sacred Hindu temple in Calcutta.

Imagine The Cure, Bauhaus, and Jane's Addiction being submerged in the spiritual holy waters of the Ganges River for one mortal lifetime...aurally omnipresent and as resplendently colorful as life itself...
by Roger Moser, Jr….Razorcake Magazine


...(they) manage to sound as though they've come out of Manchester. Their music is a dark, gritty trawl through gloomy Gothic terrain where bass lines shudder and the vocals are grey and shot through with angst....

There is an atmosphere of industrial decay which hangs over the post-Punk melancholia... puts me in mind of the metropolis which spawned gloom meisters like Joy Division...(Other influences include) Radiohead, Eno and Sonic Youth...
by Paul Donnelly…


...Imagine listening to yours on a midnight flight over Cairo. Imagine it catching signals from the night-time revelry of the Marrakech marketplace, the throbbing pulses of L.A. clubland, the digitally buzzing raves of Amsterdam, and the soundwaves of a million disaffected American kids crunching guitars in their basements. Imagine that the static between the signals glues the sound together...

...It's a marriage -- or harem, perhaps -- of rock, trance, electronica, ambient groove, and Middle Eastern chant...

by Mary Byrne… Southeast Performer

(condensed from the full version)

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